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Integrated Flight Training Software and Aircraft Maintenance Management

ASA Flight School gives you the ability to control all aspects of a flight school from booking aircraft, scheduling instructors, logging students' flights, theory training courses, aircraft maintenance management and actually performing the maintenance in the MRO.

Streamline Your Flight School

Student Management

Instructors and school administrators can easily manage all aspects of a student or team quickly and easily.

Smart Booking System​

A versatile and simple booking system allows you to get an overview of all bookings quickly and easily.

EASA Compliant

ASA Flight School is EASA compliant, ensuring that your flight school meets all necessary safety requirements.

Backup Everything​

All files are backed up securely in the cloud and can be found in seconds using the search function.

Easy Regulator Audit​​

Breeze through regulatory audits with ASA Flight School. A multi-day audit can be over in just a couple of hours!

Lesson Management Tools

Lesson scores, theory attendance and test scores are easily available, letting instructors know what to focus on.

No Paper Records

Say goodbye to large locked filing cabinets that need to store years of files. ASA Flight School stores it all!

Easy to Learn

ASA Flight School's intuitive interface was built from the ground up with usability and ease of use in mind.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible customer support. We are always there to help.

Instructor & Asset Booking

Instructors can use our powerful availability system to fine tune when they can be booked. This includes a re-occuring weekly schedule, which is then augmented with exceptions for both additional availability or unavailability.

Aircraft availability is controlled primarily by the bookings in the system. However, availability is also affected by the maintenance schedule and the aircrafts documents that are managed by the system. When a deadline is approaching, warnings are issued well in advance to avoid the aircraft being grounded.

Flight training software

Safety Management System

If an incident occurs during a lesson, you can register it with a single touch/click. This will notify any SMS managers in your organisation and will create an empty report that needs to be completed before the lesson is complete.

Reports created in this way are attached to the lesson, so you can conveniently find reports from lessons or lessons from reports. Images and documents can be attached to reports, and reports can contain followup actions. When tagged for followup, a reminder is issued to anyone with access to the SMS.

Reports are easily searched, and categorised, making it quick to find what you’re looking for.

Student Progress Tracking

You can quickly and easily see each student’s progress on a course, or overall experience/competency. Even when students are managed as a team, their progress is still tracked individually.

Practical lesson scores, theory lesson attendance and theory exam and practice scores are all available in the system allowing you to quickly determine what your instructors should focus on with any given student.

When objectives on a practical lesson are skipped, or scored low, they will be considered a hold item and you will be reminded to include them again on a later lesson. You can easily add hold items to a lesson with a single click.

Flight training software showing student progress
Aircraft and pilot using aviation maintenance tracking software

Aircraft Management

ASA Flight School makes managing your aircraft effortless. Just upload required documents and service details when a new aircraft is added, and then we take it from there.

You will receive reminders of documents and services that are about to expire, and if the aircraft is grounded due to incomplete documentation, it will no longer be possible to book it.

Aircraft details are collected automatically from the lessons. This allows us to generate maintenance statistics for you and your mechanic.

All Places, All Devices

ASA Flight School is a web-based software solution, meaning any device, be it a tablet, computer or mobile, with an internet browser can run it. Especially tablet compatibility is an essential feature that many of our customers love, because of its versatility “in the field”.

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Document Management

Manage all of your documents from one secure, backed up place.  ASA Flight School ensures that you no longer have to store years of files in a locked filing cabinet. Our secure servers automatically backup all your information into the cloud, so you will never lose a file again! 

With ASA Flight School you can breeze through regulatory audits and annual reporting. Being able to search all documents and seeing their references means that a 2-3 day audit can be over in just a couple of hours!

SAM Light General aviation maintenance software that is compatible with Part-M Light
Aircraft using SAM Part-M Light aviation maintenance software

Easy to use and learn

ASA Flight School has been designed from the bottom up to be user oriented and simple to use. You are in complete control, just like when flying your aircraft. It is also really easy to setup and learn how to use. It’s no wonder 85% of our customers are up and running within a day. This is in part due to our pre-configured software and the simple interface that has been developed with usability as the primary focus.