Fully Integrated CAMO Software

Designed to support you in all aspects of your business. From engineering to planning, our integrated and easy to use CAMO software has got you covered.

Price per User

With SAM you only pay for how many concurrent users you want using the software, not per aircraft.

Any Aircraft

SAM is optimised for any aircraft size, be it a small helicopter or a large Jumbo Jet, we got you covered.

Sync with workshop

When using SAM for both CAMO and MRO, workshop availability and aircraft repair schedules are synced together, ensuring minimum downtime.

Minimize Ground Time

By using SAM, customers have seen a 15 - 20% aircraft ground time decrease.

Global Tasks

Tasks can be linked together so that when you update one task, everything is seamlessly amended.

Rapid Implementation

SAM’s implementation timeline is measured in days and weeks, not months and years.

Make airworthiness and profitability converge

SAM users has for many years benefited from our proven, comprehensive and feature rich CAMO software. It has been continuously improved for over 30 years. The dedication to improving our software, with help from our customers, ensures you have all the features you could possibly need. This impressive collection of features helps you reduce downtime by up to 20% by planning mandatory maintenance, avoiding unexpected issues and much more. Moreover, implementation takes just 2 weeks, meaning you can be up and running in no time!

Group Sharing, Simplified

If you have more than one legal identity or you like to “host” third party CAMO/145, then SAM has a built-in feature that manages this and still provides integrity. This is attractive if you move AC among companies under same umbrella. You can easily change operator status on aircraft without having to re-enter basic info and history. Our intuitive SAM CAMO software ensures a smooth change of operator status. This includes all owner information, tasks, components, notes, history, log and much more from one operator to another.

The Statistics Don't Lie

SAM Aviation Maintenance Software is a tried and tested solution for all your CAMO needs. It greatly increases efficiency and minimizes downtime. As a result, almost all of our customers see a 20% or greater ROI after just 1 year. Meanwhile, if you combine this with our amazing support team, it is easy to see why 97% of our customers are satisfied.

ROI After 1 Year
1 %
2 Week Setup
1 %
Happy Customers
1 %

Intuitive CAMO Software

SAM was developed to be as simple to use as possible. This means that the learning period is very short. This is due to an intuitive design and a two-click approach, that puts all the features you need within just two clicks.

User Interface

SAM is similar to the Windows interface. This makes it easy to use because everything is where you expect it to be.


SAM is compatible with most devices capable of running a Remote Desktop Connection.

ATP Interface

SAM offers a direct interface with ATP Aviation Hub, meaning you can stay up-to-date with AD/SB alerts.

SAM Aviation Maintenance Software running on computer, tablet and laptop.