Intuitive Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Software

SAM Aviation Maintenance Software is a feature-rich solution that enables highly optimized, flexible and cost effective procedures for CAMO operators as well as Part-145 MRO providers on the global market. SAM makes it easy to manage your fleet, order your resources, track and analyse, manage your workshop and more.

Start Leading Your Business Through Superior Planning and Forecasting

SAM is an efficient aircraft maintenance tracking software that will assist you in hitting every deadline and making sure none of your aircraft are grounded for unexpected checks and services. This minimizes aircraft downtime, reduces the amount of emergency delivery requirements and drastically increases efficiency. SAM is very intuitive and therefore easy to use, and it takes just 2 weeks to setup.

Reap the Benefits

SAM users has for many years benefited from our proven, comprehensive and feature rich CAMO and MRO Software, which has been developed throughout two decades.

IFS Interface

Tired of entering flight logs into your maintenance system? SAM now interfaces with IFS’s Electronic Flight Bag, eliminating the need to enter data twice and ensures up-to-date maintenance overview of your aircrafts.

ATP Aviation Hub Interface

SAM is one of the first software solutions to offer a direct interface with ATP Aviation Hub. Just enter your ATP Library subscription number in SAM and start searching for any ADs or SBs relevant for your aircraft. Any relevant information is automatically transferred between ATP Aviation Hub and SAM.

Implementation Timeline
Get Started in 2 Weeks

Get Started in 2 weeks

Unlike our competitors, SAM’s implementation timeline is measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Our dedicated support team is always available to ensure that your get setup as quickly and accurately as possible. The software is compatible with all aircraft types and sizes. There is no need to custom design the software to work for each aircraft, instead it is ready to be setup straight “out of the box”. This is why 90% of our customers are up and running within 2 weeks.

Your Job

Our Job

Contract Signed
Contract Signed
Create Database
Training of Superuser
Setup Initial Config
Training in CAMO modules
Import of AC and tasks
Training in MRO modules
Import of inventory
Customization of reports
Workflow documentation

Completely Modular

SAM Aviation Maintenance software is modularised to ensure that you can get exactly the functions you need in your company and takes control of everything from brokering spares through inventory control and sales – to management of aircraft, components, rotable components, complaints and maintenance planning. SAM is also a sophisticated tool for search of SB, AD and other National Airworthiness Directives.

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SAM Aviation Maintenance module workflow schematic, showing how all the modules are integrated.

SAM Module Workflow

Here you can see the workflow that SAM uses, and how the modules communicate to each other. Using data from EFB’s and Flight Ops the possibilities with SAM are huge. Combine this with the fact that SAM is compatible with any aircraft size, then it’s easy to see why our customers are satisfied with our system.


SAM is designed to support you in all aspects of your business, both from an engineering perspective as well as from a planning perspectiveSAM Maintenance management software is more than just a tool for traceability, it’s a decision-making tool that puts you in control. Go beyond day-to-day activities. 


SAM is designed to meet the needs and requirements for the Maintenance Repair & Overhaul industry under Part 145. Our MRO software package offers optimized management of your operation with real time inventory stocking levels, faster planning and rescheduling of maintenance tasks and accurate invoicing creation.

CAMO and MRO combined

SAM has been designed from the bottom up to integrate CAMO and MRO together. If you need a software that seamlessly integrates these different workflows, then SAM is the perfect solution for you. Both aspects of the software can be used completely independently of each other, but combining the two creates new features that drastically increase your efficiency.

SAM for Part-M Light

Following EASA’s Part M ‘Light’ regulation change, maintenance has become a lot simpler and SAM Light is a direct response to this. Using SAM Light, General Aviation owners can increase the flexibility and affordability of owning an airplane considerably. SAM Light has all the features you need to fully take advantage of what Part-M Light regulation change has to offer.