Powerful, Intuitive and Affordable CMMS Software for Aviation Maintenance Professionals

If your are looking for an easy to use, flexible and comprehensive CMMS software solution, then SAM Aviation Maintenance Software is the next step for you. Let us show you why, by booking a live demo below.

Fundamental CMMS Features

Electronic Flight Bag

SAM easily connects to EFBs, ensuring all flight information is automatically delivered when your flight finishes.


ATP Interface

SAM interfaces with ATP Aviation Hub, automatically transferring all ADs or SBs relevant to your aircraft.

Dent & Buckle

SAM integrates seamlessly with Dent & Buckle's aviation structural damage reporting software.

Any Aircraft

SAM is optimized for any aircraft size, be it a small biplane or a large Jumbo Jet. The possibilities are endless.

Easy to Learn

SAM is built to resemble the Windows Office user interface, ensuring familiarity and accessibility.

Price per User

With SAM you only pay for how many concurrent users you want using the software, not per aircraft.

Rapid Implementation

SAM’s implementation timeline is measured in days and weeks, not months and years.​

Your Are In Control

With SAM there is no need for expensive analysts who take weeks to answer your call. You are in charge of your CMMS.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible customer support. We are always there to help.

Aviation Industry Solutions

  • Direct interface with ATP Aviation Hub
  • Ensure smooth entry and setup of your fleet, regardless of size, nature and complexity.
  • Smooth change of operator status including all owner information, tasks, components, history, log and more
  • Control and track all maintenance events including spare-part status to ensure all needed information is on hand before you start.
  • A completed order will be processed to the financial module for invoicing, as well as transferred to your company ERP system.
  • Manage your fleet and inventory
  • Perform all maintenance events “in house” or chose to outsource to a third party.
  • Ensure work order packages are created, performed and closed properly.

SAM Light for Part-M Light

Following EASA‘s Part M ‘Light’ regulation change, maintenance of aeroplanes under 2730kg and rotorcraft under 1200kg has become a lot simpler and SAM Light is a direct response to this. Using SAM Light, General Aviation owners can increase the flexibility and affordability of owning an airplane considerably. SAM Light is a faster, more streamlined version of our popular SAM Aviation Maintenance Software, with all the features you need to fully take advantage of what EASA’s Part-M Light regulation change has to offer.

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