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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With SAM there is no need for expensive analysts who take weeks to answer your call. Instead, you are in charge of your maintenance. This ensures minimal downtime.

SAM now interfaces with IFS’s Electronic Flight Bag meaning you no longer need to waste time entering boring flight logs into your maintenance system. In addition, this eliminates the need to enter data twice and ensures up-to-date maintenance overview of your aircrafts.

SAM’s implementation timeline is measured in days and weeks, not months and years. 90% of our customers are ready to go after just 2 weeks! This includes comprehensive user training and software setup.

SAM is optimized for all aircraft/rotorcraft, be it a small helicopter or a large jumbo jet. Whatever aircraft you have, we got you covered.

When using SAM for both CAMO and MRO, workshop availability and aircraft repair schedules are synced together, ensuring minimum downtime.

SAM is one of the first software solutions to offer a direct interface with ATP Aviation Hub. Just enter your ATP Library subscription number in SAM and start searching for any ADs or SBs relevant for your aircraft.

SAM is built to resemble the Windows Office user interface, ensuring familiarity and accessibility. The learning period is very short, due to an intuitive design and a two-click approach, that puts all the features you need within just two clicks.

SAM is modularised to ensure that you can get exactly the functions you need in your company and takes control of everything from brokering spares through inventory control and sales – to management of aircraft, components, rotable components, complaints and maintenance planning. SAM is also a sophisticated tool for search of SB, AD and other National Airworthiness Directives.